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Antelope Hunting 101 - Perfecting the Long Shot

Robert Rogulic

The founder of trucking company Tri-National Inc., Robert Rogulic now serves as its president and CEO. Recreationally, Robert Rogulic enjoys hunting and belongs to the Boone and Crockett Club, a hunting and wildlife conservation organization. He holds a record for shooting one of the largest antelope in the organization’s history.

When hunting antelope, it is important to remember that the animal’s best defense is its vision, followed by its speed. Hearing and smell are not as critical. The trick to hunting antelope is staying out of the animal’s line of sight while getting close enough to shoot. Getting within a decent range can prove difficult, which makes perfecting the long shot a critical skill for antelope hunters.
A long shot must be executed quickly and accurately since an antelope can see small movements at a distance of 50 yards. Ideally, hunters should practice shooting at a distance of 60 yards. Individuals may need to practice at a closer distance until they achieve accuracy and slowly build up to the 60-yard mark.
Hunters will often come across antelope at distances of 50 to 100 yards and find that getting closer is surprisingly difficult. Being comfortable with the long shot improves the chances of actually getting the animal.

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