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Safety Personnel at Tri-National

by Robert Rogulic

Robert Rogulic is the founder of Tri-National, Inc. He continues to lead the transportation company as chief executive officer and president. Robert Rogulic engages himself in all aspects of business, including various employee safety initiatives.
Tri-National, Inc. (TNi), a door to door transportation provider with eight terminals throughout the United States, prioritizes employee and citizen safety above all else when it comes to connecting trade partners in Mexico, Canada, and America. Only highly qualified individuals with prior experience are considered viable candidates for a position within the TNi Safety Department. A member of the company’s safety personnel may work at one of the various terminals or at the TNi corporate offices in Earth City, Missouri.
On a typical day a member of the TNi safety team will generally be tasked with aiding drivers during the on-boarding process, which may necessitate employment verification, drug and alcohol screening, and general physicals. Safety personnel must also keep track of driver files and ensure that all drivers remain compliant with standards set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Hours of Service (HOS).                            
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