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Swedish Startup Reveals Prototype for Driverless Truck

Robert Rogulic

Robert Rogulic has spent the past several years leading Tri-National, Inc., as president, CEO, and founder. Under his leadership, the transportation provider offers door-to-door service to clients in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. To ensure his customers receive the best service possible, Robert Rogulic routinely stays up-to-date on developments in the field.

Although many individuals attribute autonomous driving to passenger vehicles, Uber demonstrated in 2016 that there was a great deal of potential in driverless trucks. This potential is being further explored by Einride, a Swedish startup that recently revealed a prototype truck that is completely driverless.

Known as the T-Pod, this electric truck was designed for long-haul deliveries. It features roughly 23 feet of cargo space and has no cabin for a human operator or driver. Consequently, it is also missing a steering wheel, windshield, pedals, and all other components of a driving space. Instead of relying on a human driver, the truck can either run without human control or be controlled remotely by a human operator.

Einride hopes to get the T-Pod trucks running between Helsingborg and Gothenburg and the company expects the first active system to cover two million pallets every year. The company’s prototype will be tested during 2017 and, depending on the results, international distribution of the driverless truck could follow shortly after.

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